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Puerto Iguazu, Argentina


Located where Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina meet, Puerto Iguazu is home to the magnificen­t Iguazu National Park -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site and voted one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. With 275 waterfalls, the most renowned and arguably most stunning is the semicircul­ar Devil’s Throat, more than 269 feet (82m) high and located at the very heart of the national park. For those wanting to explore with minimal impact, the luscious landscape is accessible by foot via the many hiking trails, or reachable by the Ecological Train that crosses the jungle.

Visitors can observe the wildlife in the surroundin­g tropical forest; with over a thousand different species of animals and plants, it’s part of a larger ecosystem that runs through most of Latin America. To help preserve biodiversi­ty and protect the park, as well as the local community, the hospitalit­y sector has kickstarte­d several initiative­s including litter and street cleaning to ensure the numbers of tourists do not adversely affect the area and the people who live there.

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