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Boracay, Philippine­s


An idyllic tropical island destinatio­n, Boracay is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. Featuring no fewer than 17 stunning beaches and coves, including the stunning 2.5 miles (4km) long White Beach, visitors have stretches of pristine sand and sea to surf, kiteboard, and snorkel, or to simply relax and soak up the sunshine. Things haven’t always been so dreamy for Boracay: in the past, the island took the difficult decision to close to visitors for six months due to the negative impact of too many tourists.

After refocusing their efforts and allowing the island’s ecosystems to start to recover, Boracay is now responsibl­y welcoming visitors again, managing volumes with a daily tourist limit. The island has also implemente­d an array of sustainabl­e eco-tourism practices, including the adoption of electric tricycles, and now relies on solar power as its main energy source, seeking to ensure a long and healthy future.

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