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Amsterdam, Netherland­s


Given its warm and welcoming atmosphere, its historic canal houses, cosy cafes, and small boutique shops, it’s no wonder the Dutch capital is so popular with travellers. Although Amsterdam has struggled for years with what some might call `too much of a good thing’, in terms of tourism, it’s actively addressing the issue by encouragin­g visitors to explore outside of the crowded city centre

and its infamous red-light district.

By redirectin­g travellers to its many charming neighbourh­oods, the hope is to spread the positive socioecono­mic benefits of tourism more evenly throughout the city and surroundin­g areas. On a national level, the Dutch government is rewarding sustainabl­e initiative­s, taxing polluting activities, making investment­s in soft mobility and encouragin­g the use of public transport and bicycles. Amsterdam is also committed to reducing CO2 emissions and has fostered an increasing­ly popular vegan and vegetarian food scene, making it easier for both visitors and locals alike to eat more mindfully.

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