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TAROT August 2022

Loveena Crystal Gaze (Numerologi­st, Tarot Card Reader)




Ready, Steady, Go period in your personal eelationsh­ips & Career Opportunit­ies. Excellent period ahead. Keep charging. Take advantage of divine timing.

Angel msg - A longed for wish comes true.


(JUNE 21-JULY 22)

A new & better part of life is beginning for you bringing joyous & happy moments. New blessings from Universe are being Showered on you. New dawn is coming in your life.

Angel msg - Soar with happiness. Abundance in money is coming your way.


(SEPT 23- OCT 22)

Rejoice, Celebrate, angels are blessing you. Miraculous solutions will come your way. Travel for work will be beneficial.

Angel msg - Money flow is encouragin­g, Angels are blessing you with growth in your career.


(DEC 22 - JAN 20)

Dont descend, you are on right path, Finances are highlighte­d. Positive period begins . Angels will manifest miracles in your life.

Angel msg - Expect Overseas clients, welcome changes in your career.


(APRIL 20- MAY 21)

Your hard work will bring fruit, Positive energy will attract Contracts, Opportunit­ies your way. Aim high to achieve your Success. Spread your wings.

Angel msg- Your dreams are blooming fast, welcome the changes.


(JULY 23-AUG 22)

Investment in property is indicated, All blocks in your Career are over. Angels are blessing you with Love, blessings, Romance, Money in your life.

Angel msg - Celebratio­n period begins for you. Ask and you shall receive from Universe.


(OCT 23- NOV 22)

A new venture will turn profitable, There is luck & fortune in store for you.Excellent period for new projects to be Successful. Have faith in the Universe.

Angel msg - Open your arms to receive gifts from your Creator.


(JAN 21-FEB 18)

Thank universe for blessing you with good Opportunit­ies in your career. Have faith, deals will be Signed bringing abundance.

Angel msg - wheel of fortune has changed in your favour. Expect miracles.


(MAY 22-JUNE 20)

Universe has Opened gateway for you to easily step through. Deals will be finalised, New job, promotions coming your way. Financiall­y good perod begins for you.

Angel msg - Angels send a Special blessing just for you. Be happy


(AUG 23- SEPT 22)

Universe is in a generous mood, Embrace your heart desire, your Aura is energised for financial gains. Smooth road ahead.

Angel msg - Reach for the Stars, all your dreams will be fulfilled.


Visualise your dreams & Smooth road ahead. Stay Optimistic, happy outcome is assured. Let universe bring changes in your Career.

Angel msg - keep charging ahead, All delays, Setbacks in career are over.


(FEB 19 -MARCH 20)

What you have asked for is coming true. stop worrying about money. you are heading towards a period of Abundance.

Angel msg - Release all fears, Angels are blessing you.

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