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Governance Now - - BRIEFINGS - Trans­lated ex­cerpts of Naren­dra Modi’s speech, de­liv­ered ex­tem­pore in Hindi, in the Cen­tral Hall of par­lia­ment on May 20, 2014

“A gov­ern­ment is one which thinks about the poor, lis­tens to the poor and which ex­ists for the poor. There­fore, the new gov­ern­ment is ded­i­cated to the poor, millions of youth and moth­ers and daugh­ters who are striv­ing for their re­spect and hon­our. Vil­lagers, farm­ers, dal­its and the op­pressed, this gov­ern­ment is for them, for their as­pi­ra­tions and this is our re­spon­si­bil­ity. And this is our re­spon­si­bil­ity. i have seen new facets of our coun­try in my cam­paign. i have seen peo­ple who had only one piece of cloth­ing on their body but had the BJP’S flag. This sec­tion is look­ing at us with hope and as­pi­ra­tions. And there­fore, our dream is to ful­fill their dreams... Var­i­ous gov­ern­ments in the past tried to do some good work in their own way for which they de­serve ap­pre­ci­a­tion. What­ever good has hap­pened, we will carry it for­ward. We will give some­thing to the coun­try. Peo­ple should not be­come pes­simistic. i have not seen tele­vi­sion and me­dia, every­one has been analysing this ver­dict… peo­ple have voted for hope. This ver­dict is of hope. i had said ear­lier that this elec­tion is of hope. A new hope has arisen in the com­mon man. This is the big­gest sig­nif­i­cance of this elec­tion re­sults.”

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