Fake news mes­sages cir­cu­lat­ing amongst those with a right-lean­ing iden­tity usu­ally have the fol­low­ing themes:

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1. Overtly anti-mi­nor­ity dis­course. 2. Hindu power and su­pe­ri­or­ity. 3. Preser­va­tion and re­vival of an­cient glo­ries (usu­ally Hindu) 4. Progress and na­tional pride: One of the most com­mon types of fake news mes­sages found are built around a cen­tral nar­ra­tive of In­dia’s near-un­stop­pable progress in the mod­ern world. Of­ten, in­ter­na­tional or global bod­ies like UN­ESCO are in­cluded in these mes­sages as ev­i­dence. 5. Per­son­al­ity and prow­ess of PM Modi: Mes­sages of­ten high­light­ing Modi’s achieve­ments, quan­ti­fied with a bar­rage of data and statis­tics. Also mes­sages com­par­ing Modi’s achieve­ments and con­trast­ing them with the lack of achieve­ments – and out­right cor­rup­tion – of the pre­vi­ous regimes headed by the Congress.

In In­dian Twit­ter net­works, known rightwing han­dles are much more or­gan­ised than the left wing, push­ing na­tion­al­is­tic sto­ries fur­ther

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