First Ser­vant of the In­dian peo­ple

Governance Now - - BRIEFINGS - By Jawa­har­lal Nehru

“Fel­low coun­try­men, it has been my priv­i­lege to serve in­dia and the cause of in­dia’s free­dom for many years. To­day I ad­dress you for the first time of­fi­cially as the First ser­vant of the in­dian peo­ple, pledged to their ser­vice and their bet­ter­ment. i am here be­cause you willed it so and i re­main here so long as you choose to hon­our me with your con­fi­dence. “We are a free and sov­er­eign peo­ple to­day and we have rid our­selves of the bur­den of the past. We look at the world with clear and friendly eyes and at the fu­ture with faith and con­fi­dence. “The bur­den of for­eign dom­i­na­tion is done away with, but free­dom brings its own re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and bur­dens, and they can only be shoul­dered in the spirit of a free peo­ple, self-dis­ci­plined, and de­ter­mined to pre­serve and en­large that free­dom. “We have achieved much; we have to achieve much more. Let us then ad­dress our­selves to our new tasks with the de­ter­mi­na­tion and ad­her­ence to high prin­ci­ples which our great leader has taught us. gand­hiji is for­tu­nately with us to guide and in­spire and ever to point out to us the path of high en­deav­our. He taught us long ago that ideas and ob­jec­tives can never be di­vorced from the meth­ods adopted to re­al­ize them; that wor­thy ends can only be achieved through wor­thy means. if we aim at the big things of life, if we dream of in­dia as a great na­tion giv­ing her age-old mes­sage of peace and free­dom to other, then we have to be big our­selves and wor­thy chil­dren of Mother in­dia. The eyes of the world are upon us watch­ing this birth of free­dom in the east and won­der­ing what it means.” – From a talk broad­cast from New Delhi, Au­gust 15, 1947

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