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QNowa­days in the mon­soons, I have no­ticed that my hair fall has in­creased dras­ti­cally. What can I do to stop this?

Hair loss is com­mon dur­ing the mon­soons due to in­creased oili­ness of the scalp and greater sweat ac­cu­mu­la­tion. Sweat and oil de­posits at­tract dirt and pol­lu­tants, mak­ing the hair mat­ted and dull. Wash your hair more fre­quently dur­ing the mon­soons, but use less sham­poo and rinse well with wa­ter. Avoid creamy con­di­tion­ers and use a tea-wa­ter and le­mon rinse in­stead. Ap­ply a non-oily herbal hair tonic on the scalp daily. Also, have a small bowl of sprouts reg­u­larly. Q hair feel­ing this leaves my daily ba­sis, and often I ex­er­cise on a that sham­poo­ing I have been told I do? oily and knot­ted. do you sug­gest for your hair. What is not healthy use a ~ Kainaz pro­vided you not harm the hair, then and A Wash­ing does lit­tle wa­ter di­lute it with a mild herbal sham­poo; the hair with plain you can rinse ap­ply. Af­ter ex­er­cis­ing, Comb out by a le­mon rinse. build-up, fol­lowed the ends and sweat and oil start­ing from wa­ter to re­move toothed comb, knots with a wide- the tan­gles and to dry nat­u­rally. Al­low the hair work­ing up­wards.

QMy hair is oily at the roots, but ex­tremely dry at the ends. Ev­ery time I con­di­tion it, the roots get oilier, and ev­ery time I use heat to style my hair, it gets drier. What can I do to solve this prob­lem?

Twice a week, heat pure co­conut oil and ap­ply on the lower half of the hair, es­pe­cially at the ends. Or, take a few drops of a light vegetable oil—like sun­flower oil or olive oil—and rub it on your palms. Take the ends of the hair in your palms and scrunch them. Switch to a mild herbal sham­poo, while also re­duc­ing the quantity of sham­poo you use. Af­ter sham­poo­ing, ap­ply a creamy con­di­tioner on the ends; avoid ap­ply­ing near the roots or the scalp. Ap­ply­ing egg white on the scalp and hair roots 15 min­utes be­fore sham­poo­ing will help to re­duce oili­ness. QMy colour-treated hair is dry and prone to break­age. How can I stop this?

Chem­i­cal colourants and dyes can de­plete mois­ture, mak­ing the hair dry and brit­tle. Re­peated or in­cor­rect colour­ing can also weaken the hair, lead­ing to split ends and break­age. The hair has to be pro­tected with con­di­tion­ers and serums in or­der to pro­tect both the colour and the health of the hair. Sun-ex­po­sure can lighten the colour, apart from de­plet­ing mois­ture. Use a hair cream with sun­screen to pro­tect the hair from the sun’s UV rays. Avoid ex­ces­sive use of hair dry­ers—al­low your hair to dry nat­u­rally when­ever you can. Af­ter sham­poo­ing, avoid rub­bing your head with a towel. In­stead, wrap it around the head and al­low it to ab­sorb ex­cess wa­ter. Also, con­sider hot oil ther­a­pies for your hair. QI’m go­ing away on hol­i­day, and I have no­ticed that ev­ery time I swim, my hair is left look­ing life­less and flat. How can I solve this prob­lem?

Swim­ming in a pool can lead to hair prob­lems due to chlo­rine and other chem­i­cals in the wa­ter. They strip the hair of oils and make it ex­tremely dry, dull and rough. Re­peated ex­po­sure to chlo­rine can make the hair brit­tle, lead­ing to prob­lems like split ends and break­age. Dur­ing a va­ca­tion by the sea, the hair also be­comes mat­ted and rough due to the salt in the wa­ter. It is a good idea to wet the hair thor­oughly be­fore a swim. Hair is por­ous, but it can ab­sorb only so much and no more; wet hair will ab­sorb less wa­ter. Ap­ply a con­di­tioner or hair serum, and wear a cap when swim­ming—con­di­tion­ers and serum coat the hair and pro­tect it. Rinse your hair thor­oughly with wa­ter af­ter a swim as this helps to wash out the chlo­rine or salt to a great ex­tent. Af­ter sham­poo­ing, mas­sage a creamy con­di­tioner lightly into the hair, leave it on for two min­utes, and then rinse with plain wa­ter.

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