Is wash­ing hair ev­ery day good for hair health?

Two ex­perts weigh in on the topic....

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As me­nial as it sounds, there is al­ways a doubt if one should opt for a daily hair wash daily or not. Gone are the days when wash­ing hair was only a week­end-to-week­end task; some ex­perts now rec­om­mend wash­ing it ev­ery day. How­ever, the con­tro­versy on the topic arose when a few hair mas­ters stood against it. If wash­ing hair fre­quently re­moves oil buildup, not wash­ing it pre­serves scalp’s nat­u­ral oils. For clar­ity, we ask two ex­pe­ri­enced hair­styl­ists to share their views on this.

“Given the life­style and en­vi­ron­men­tal aggressors we are sur­rounded by, there are sev­eral con­di­tions which re­quire wash­ing hair ev­ery day. If the hair tex­ture is thin and fine, strands get greasy quickly. That’s be­cause oil from the scalp trav­els down to the locks and gives them an oily ap­pear­ance. For a grease-free look, wash­ing it daily is rec­om­mended. Also, work­ing out and sweat­ing daily can lead to ex­cess oil build-up on the scalp, which can cause skin prob­lems. In this case, too, it’s a good idea to wash hair ev­ery day. No doubt that daily sham­poo­ing re­moves healthy oil, how­ever, an ex­ces­sively oily scalp can even­tu­ally cause se­b­or­rhea, a con­di­tion that leaves the scalp itchy and scaly. Just like those who sweat ev­ery day at the gym, liv­ing in a hu­mid cli­mate can also lead to ex­cess oil build-up on the scalp. Sham­poo­ing re­moves dead skin cells that would other­wise clump up and fall off (also known as dan­druff). It is true for some that sham­poo­ing too of­ten can lead to a dry scalp, caus­ing dan­druff, but if the scalp feels itchy, a head wash can help re­move those dead cells and clear out flakes. Re­moval of dead skin and hair fol­li­cles also stim­u­lates hair growth. De­cid­ing to wash your hair more of­ten can let the hair grow in length. At the end of the day, only you have to live with the hair on your head. And if you like it best when it’s washed daily, then by all means, wash it. ‘We wash our bod­ies ev­ery day and clean our teeth twice a day, why should hair be any dif­fer­ent? With all the pol­lu­tion and fumes from cars, daily sham­poo­ing and con­di­tion­ing is ideal,’ says Mar­i­lyn Sher­lock, Chair­man of the In­sti­tute of Tri­chol­o­gists.”

Deepak Jal­han

Creative Hair stylist and Ed­u­ca­tor “There could be a thou­sand rea­sons given to wash hair daily, but the fact that it’s not as healthy for tresses can’t be ig­nored. It’s true that too much oil isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a good thing, but some nat­u­ral oil is essen­tial to the health of your hair. Over­wash­ing can strip the hair of its nat­u­ral oils, leav­ing it drier and more prone to break­age. To pre­serve and pro­long the life of the colour, the best way is to wash hair less fre­quently. In fact, it is also the best way to re­store shine to your hair and pre­serve its lus­tre. Wash­ing hair ev­ery day does not al­low enough time for the hair to re­plen­ish its nat­u­ral oils. The re­sult? Dry, brit­tle hair and split ends. The fix? Try wash­ing your hair ev­ery other day in­stead. Ev­ery day wash­ing can take away the oil buildup, but over­wash­ing can cause the scalp to be­come drier, and there­fore pro­duce more oil to com­pen­sate. Fi­nally, a fun fact: dirty hair is eas­ier to style, and who doesn’t like their hair to be styled well? Pin-straight hair can­not hold a hair­style for long and dirty hair can be the so­lu­tion!”

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