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Your tarot card is the ‘Ace of Pen­ta­cles’, in­di­cat­ing a time of ma­jor shifts in per­spec­tive. You de­cide to be more colour­ful and go all out to make big changes. As you may be a bit wor­ried about hair fall, you stay away from chem­i­cals and heat styling. You get a stylish new hairdo and in­dulge in oil ther­a­pies and spas to take care of your roots. Use amla or herbal sham­poos. Reds and pinks work well for you this month. Those sin­gle meet many new peo­ple and un­der­stand the in­tri­ca­cies of love and the pow­er­play that goes with it. Tip of the month: Avoid leav­ing hair oil on all night; keep it on for 30 min­utes be­fore wash­ing this sea­son.

Your tarot card is the ‘Ma­gi­cian’, in­di­cat­ing move­ment and evo­lu­tion. You put in ef­fort to grow your tresses and take good care of them. This is an ideal trim to go in for that much-needed trim, mak­ing sure you take care of dry and split ends. You may even choose to try high­lights in ash blonde or brown shades which look great on you. Post this, re­mem­ber to use sul­phate-free sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers. Whites and browns will be your colour picks this month. Those sin­gle may meet many in­ter­est­ing peo­ple on their trav­els. Tip of the month: Pat-dry your hair and scalp gen­tly af­ter a hair wash .

Your tarot card is the ‘King of Wands’. You plan things in a big, bold and bril­liant fash­ion for your­self and you yearn for a to­tal hair and look makeover. You may want a neat and glam­orous look as you de­cide to try a trendy hair­cut with lay­ers or bangs. These will add more def­i­ni­tion to your face. Brown hair colour will look great on you and will en­sure you look to­tally stylish. Those in love cel­e­brate with plans of an ad­di­tion to their fam­ily. Tip of the month: Use a hy­drat­ing con­di­tioner to make your hair glossy and mois­turised.

Your tarot card is the ‘Two of Swords’. Your mantra is to be steady al­ways. Your crown­ing glory is of ut­most im­por­tance to you. If you are suf­fer­ing from hair is­sues, in­dulge in a hot oil treat­ment once a week, and a hair spa, which will work won­ders. Avoid us­ing too many styling prod­ucts. You may try a shoul­der-length, straight-haired look which is stylish and man­age­able. Reds and pur­ple shades suit you well this sea­son. Those in love may plan to take their re­la­tion­ship to the next level by in­tro­duc­ing their part­ner to fam­ily and friends. Tip of the month: Eight hours of beauty sleep is a must for you.

Your tarot card is the ‘Sun’. Over the next few weeks, it’s time to in­dulge your­self. Those deal­ing with frizzy hair can try re­lax­ing treat­ments and use frizz-free sham­poos to main­tain that chic look. You play colour your tresses in shades of brown and leave your hair loose to look your best. Yel­low and orange shades suit you best. Your pow­ers of per­sua­sion work very well on the op­po­site gen­der, mak­ing you hard to miss and ex­tremely de­sir­able! Tip of the month: Make sure you in­dulge in great man­i­cures and pedi­cures this sea­son.

Your tarot card is the ‘Moon’. This month, take a break from work and fo­cus on your hair if you have been ig­nor­ing it for a while. Un­ruly and dam­aged hair may be an is­sue, so in­vest in prod­ucts to make sure that hair break­age is low. Try a new hair­cut and a global colour in darker brown or ma­hogany shades for a fash­ion­able look. Use a mild daily use sham­poo to make sure your hair is not marred by dust, dirt and grime. Peaches and pinks are your colours this month; in­cor­po­rate them in your wardrobe or make-up to in­vite a happy vibe. Fam­ily life will be peace­ful and har­mo­nious. Tip of the month: A hair spa will work well to smoothen and nour­ish rough hair.

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