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“Whether you are on a Keto diet or a ve­gan, the most im­por­tant el­e­ments for a healthy hair are from the list as men­tioned here— vi­ta­mins A,B,C,D,E, bi­otin, niacin, which are a part of the vi­ta­min fam­ily. Apart from vi­ta­mins you also need iron, mag­ne­sium, zinc and fi­nally pro­tein. Hair it­self con­sti­tutes of ker­atin, or pro­tein. So, if enough pro­tein is not given to the body, the hair would start get­ting af­fected. You could see dan­druff and fi­nally hair loss or even fall. So the bal­ance of these el­e­ments is ab­so­lutely nec­es­sary for healthy hair along with a fab body. These el­e­ments are eas­ily available in ei­ther the Ke­to­genic diet or in a to­tally ve­gan diet and thus a care­ful knowl­edge, un­der­stand­ing and in­clu­sion of the same could be made by con­sult­ing a pro­fes­sional di­eti­cian. Gen­er­ally the vi­ta­mins, bi­otin, etc. are available in our reg­u­lar food which we con­sume; maybe you be­come more aware if the traces are iden­ti­fi­able eas­ily. Hair forms one of the most im­por­tant as­pects of beauty in the hu­man body and it is an in­di­ca­tor of health, style, char­ac­ter, ul­ti­mately in­fus­ing con­fi­dence. Hence, it is very im­por­tant to take care of our hair.”

Sad­dique Alam Artis­tic Di­rec­tor, Hairol­ogy

“Hair is of­ten the first thing you no­tice when you meet some­one, es­pe­cially if they have nice hair. Well-groomed, lux­u­ri­ant, lus­trous, hair is, quite sim­ply, beau­ti­ful and sexy. It can sig­nify youth, health, strength and vi­tal­ity. Our hair is made up of pro­tein, hence it be­comes even more im­por­tant to en­sure that you have enough pro­tein con­tent in your diet. Carbs and fats are equally re­quired for the good health of the hair. For me, more than any spe­cific diet pro­gram, con­sum­ing these es­sen­tial pro­teins and vi­ta­mins in your diet is im­por­tant. You also need the right care and styling prod­ucts to pro­tect your hair from en­vi­ron­men­tal ag­gres­sors. So I strongly be­lieve that a healthy diet with a proper home care leads to healthy hair.”

Bony Sasid­ha­ran Re­gional Ask Man­ager at Sch­warzkopf Pro­fes­sional

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