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Spent a bomb on get­ting a hair colour ser­vice that you ab­so­lutely love? Then keep it look­ing as good as new, right up­til you next ap­point­ment!

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Who can ever for­get the feel­ing of walk­ing out of a sa­lon af­ter a hair ap­point­ment— that glitzy sheen on the locks, the per­fect swish of care­fully blow­dried hair and the vi­brancy of your new hair colour! While we can’t say much about the style as­pects, we can def­i­nitely help you main­tain the fresh­ness of your colour with our nifty tips, all with­out fre­quent trips to the sa­lon and with­out break­ing the bank! If you love your new vi­brant colour, then make it a point to wash your hair less fre­quently, at least for the first few weeks af­ter get­ting it. Of course, we’re not urg­ing you to be un­hy­gienic; pro­long the sham­poo ses­sions by us­ing prod­ucts like dry sham­poo in small quan­ti­ties to keep the scalp fresh. While it’s a no-brainer that you need sul­phate- free, spe­cially for­mu­lated colour care sham­poos and con­di­tion­ers, be mind­ful to keep an eye on water tem­per­a­ture in your shower too. Hot water can strip away the colour very quickly, and leave you with dry and lack­lus­tre tresses; it’s best to stick to luke­warm or cold water for lon­glast­ing colour. Om­bré, bal­ayage, dip-dye—hair that is coloured us­ing th­ese tech­niques grows out well, with­out re­quir­ing root touch-ups. Plus, since it in­volves only part of your hair to be coloured, the half-head touch up will also be more cost ef­fec­tive. This also en­sures that hair dam­age, if any, is also in check. Hair colour is only as good as the hair it is ap­plied on. Hair in good con­di­tion will re­tain the fresh­ness of the colour longer. So go for reg­u­lar hair spas and treat­ments to keep your locks hy­drated and nour­ished. Also go for reg­u­lar trims—faded colour on untrimmed and un­healthy tips can make your hair look dry and very dam­aged. Just like you wouldn’t sub­ject chem­i­cally treated skin to the harsh sun or sea water, keep your coloured hair shielded against th­ese ag­gres­sors. The sun rays can eas­ily dis­colour your hair, as well as make them dry, so make sun hats and hair sun­screens your best friends. And the salty sea water or chlo­rine in pools are ca­pa­ble of not just fad­ing but also com­pletely al­ter­ing your hair colour to a dif­fer­ent shade. If you can’t re­sist a swim, coat your hair with a pro­tec­tive serum with­out fail. You can even rinse your hair with plain water be­fore hand—this en­sures that your hair cu­ti­cles swell up with clean water first, al­low­ing less chlo­ri­nated water to pen­e­trate the hair.

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