Hair - - From The History -

Long hair comes with a re­quire­ment for in­tense care and man­age­ment, some­thing that re­quires, time, funds and hy­gienic con­di­tions. Since only the rich were granted all three of these things, long locks, inevitably and es­pe­cially, in women, (who were any­way rel­e­gated to the houses as they were not al­lowed to work), be­came a marker of their so­cial sta­tus. Only the poor women had to go to work, live in un­hy­gienic con­di­tions where it was im­pos­si­ble to main­tain long hair, and they never had the money and re­sources to main­tain long tresses.

Hence, long hair was a lux­ury only the rich, and the high-caste, women could af­ford to have. Sim­i­larly, un­der many dy­nas­tic rules, the slaves and crim­i­nals were marked with shaved heads, a con­sis­tent re­minder of their low or fallen so­cial sta­tus.

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