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Harper's Bazaar (India) - - BAZAAR BEAUTY - By Vasudha Rai

Hav­ing trained celebri­ties such as Ka­t­rina Kaif and Imran Khan, Karachi­wala knows a thing or two about flat abs. Her favourite is the Tech­noshape, which is a corset that’s plugged into a mon­i­tor and is worn while sta­tion­ary run­ning, walk­ing, or cy­cling. She has seen it shrink up to three-four inches in just six 40-minute ses­sions. The pres­sure points on the corset cir­cu­late blood into the ab­domen mus­cle, mak­ing sure that the fat burns from where it should. But the real ad­van­tage is that you have to work much lesser (only 65-70 per­cent of your max­i­mum heart rate v/s 80-85 per­cent) to get bet­ter re­sults. “It’s no won­der then that Shah Rukh Khan and Bi­pasha Basu are both proud own­ers,” says Karachi­wala. with this ex­er­cise—used by soc­cer play­ers to warm up—that you can en­joy with a friend. Lie down with your knees folded and feet on the floor. Hold a foot­ball, lift your torso and legs up, bring­ing the knees to your chest, and throw the ball across to a friend, who goes down and comes up to throw the ball back. Hold the pose up­right till you get the ball back. “For im­me­di­ate ef­fects, I swear by a yo­gic colon-cleans­ing kriya called the shankhaprak­sha­lana* be­cause this is the only process that cleans out the dirt stick­ing to the stomach and colon,” says Gid­wani. Drink four glasses of warm sa­line wa­ter (a tsp per litre) and prac­tice the ka­pal­ab­hanti by ex­hal­ing quickly and sharply through your stomach in small bursts, as many times as is com­fort­able. Drink more sa­line wa­ter (not more than four each time) and do the tadasana where you stand with your feet hip-dis­tance apart. Lift up on your toes, stretch­ing your arms up­ward with the fin­gers in­ter­locked. Come down and re­peat six times. Drink wa­ter for the third time, sit with your legs in front and fold for­ward to touch your toes with the fin­gers. Re­peat six times. Stool should be liq­uid and trans­par­ent even­tu­ally. Just fol­low up with a light khichadi through the day. Do this not more than once a week.

*Please con­sult your doc­tor or yoga guru.

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