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seen many ups and downs in my life – huge fi­nan­cial losses, penury… Look­ing back I re­al­ize the rea­son I could take all th­ese prob­lems in my stride was be­cause I was fit and healthy and that made me feel strong enough to con­front any­thing that fate threw in my path. It was when my health suf­fered a set­back that my men­tal and phys­i­cal en­durance was truly tested.


I’ve al­ways been an early riser. Back in 2005 my rou­tine was to wake up at 5 AM, get an hour­long walk be­tween 5.30 and 6.30, then a lively ses­sion of aer­o­bics at the Na­tional Burns Cen­tre in Airoli, re­turn home at 7.30 for break­fast and then leave for my fac­tory where we as­sem­bled and sup­plied en­gi­neer­ing prod­ucts. In the evening I headed for the Airoli Sports Club where I played an hour of bad­minton, chilled out with friends and re­turned home at 9. So all in all I was rea­son­ably fit for a 53-year-old guy weigh­ing 79 kg for my 5’5½” frame. On 28th July 2005, I went to the club as usual for my game of bad­minton. For rea­sons I can­not fathom, the court was wet in patches. I wasn’t aware of this phe­nom­e­non un­til I went skid­ding while try­ing to re­ceive the shut­tle­cock. It didn’t seem any­thing ma­jor – all I ex­pe­ri­enced was a twinge as my daugh­ter Van­dana helped me up from the floor. But 2 days later my back felt so sore that I took a break from my usual ac­tiv­i­ties – walk, aer­o­bics, bad­minton. I wasn’t even able to raise my arm to serve, for­get about smash­ing a shut­tle cock. I was shocked by the sud­den­ness and sever­ity with which the pain hit my lower back and dis­abled

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