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Our panel of ex­perts an­swers read­ers’ queries on ovar­ian can­cer, dry eyes and more

I have re­cently started the habit of steam­ing my face reg­u­larly. 1. Does this in­crease cir­cu­la­tion of blood in the face? 2. Is this a good thing, should I con­tinue with it? Please ad­vice.

Rah­man, Bel­lary S team­ing the face is a part of the fa­cial pro­ce­dure. It doesn’t in­crease blood cir­cu­la­tion but re­sults in di­la­tion of the fa­cial blood ves­sels, and the skin pores, and sweat­ing as well. Steam­ing is a good pore cleans­ing prac­tise, but avoid do­ing it ex­ces­sively as it also stim­u­lates the oil glands of the face. To­gether, open pores and over­ac­tive oil glands can con­trib­ute to acne.

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