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I have been ex­er­cis­ing for many years. Of late I’m experiencing some pain in my knees. It’s not con­tin­u­ous – i.e., it comes and goes. My coach in­tro­duced step ups and trav­el­ing lunges to my leg work­out re­cently. This is in ad­di­tion to squat, curl and leg ex­ten­sion. The step is about 20 inches high, and I’m do­ing the ex­er­cise with­out weights. The trav­el­ing lunges I’m do­ing with a short thick bar. The other new thing I’ve lately taken up is twicea-week salsa classes. Could th­ese ac­tiv­i­ties be caus­ing the pain? Should I be con­cerned? What should I do to avoid ex­ac­er­bat­ing the prob­lem? Over­all oth­er­wise I’m pretty fit. Please clar­ify.

Rakesh Gupta, Mumbai

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