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BANK ON THIS GeGet­ting ready to tie the knot? Here’s an ex­er­ciseer­cise ththat will help the two of you to talk about fis­cal re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and how to man­age your fi­nances to­gether. Sit down to­gether and come up with a sum you think is a sig­nif­i­cant dis­cre­tionary amount of money – the amount you spend on your­self in the course of a month, for ex­am­ple. This fig­ure may be the same for both of you or, more likely, will be larger for the one who earns more money. It may be Rs.5000 or Rs.10000 or more. Go to the bank and with­draw the money. Put the cash in an en­ve­lope and hand it to your part­ner, who will give his en­ve­lope to you. Each of you must spend the other’s money within a month. Don’t talk about what you plan to buy or dis­close what you’ve ac­tu­ally pur­chased un­til the end, but do keep the money sep­a­rate from your own and keep all re­ceipts. What should you buy? Any­thing you might buy with your own money, since if you are think­ing about merg­ing funds with an­other per­son’s, one day this money will be yours. At the end of the month, dis­play what you bought. Ask each other: How did it feel to be spend­ing my money? How did it feel to know that I was spend­ing yours? Are you pleased, sur­prised or up­set with what I bought? No­tice whether one of you chose items with both of you in mind, while the other spent pri­mar­ily on him- or her­self. What if your par­tic­u­lar love­bug spent the Rs.10,000 you gave him on new speak­ers for his car, while you used his money for place mats and nap­kins, a toaster, a ta­ble lamp and some gourmet delecta­bles? Imag­ine years of his car ma­nia set against your house­hold spend­ing – the re­sult isn’t likely to be a vi­sion of fis­cal hap­pi­ness. If your ideas about spend­ing are worlds apart, now is the time to bring them closer through dis­cus­sion.

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