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For se­ri­ous ath­letes who’ve torn their ACLs, a struc­tured pro­gramme to pre­vent re-in­jury is rec­om­mended. But for week­end war­riors, here are three tips for pro­tect­ing your ACL: Make a good land­ing. When you jump, land in a nearcrouch po­si­tion with knees bent and aligned straight up and down – not “knock-kneed.” View­ing a video of your jumping style can help you fix it. Strengthen the mus­cles around the knee. Keep­ing your quadri­ceps and ham­string mus­cles strong and flex­i­ble will make the knee more sta­ble. (The “quads” form the front of the thigh, and ham­string mus­cles, the back.) One ex­er­cise that strength­ens the quads and ham­strings is the walk­ing lunge, which in­volves tak­ing a large step for­ward and drop­ping the back knee down to­ward the floor, keep­ing the front knee over your an­kle. Keep your hip mus­cles strong. One-legged squats – knee bends done while stand­ing on one leg – are an ex­cel­lent way to strengthen the hips, quadri­ceps, and ham­strings and to im­prove your bal­ance. When you do a one-legged squat, bend your knee slowly so it ends up just over your toes.

One-legged squat Lunge

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