Bring Bril­liance Back Into The Bed­room

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Here are some sure fire ways to sex­o­lu­tion­ize your re­la­tion­ship and get things back on track. Con­sider pre-play If you’ve gone into wham-bamthank-you-ma’am mode or bed­room-only sex, and you’re grumpy about a zil­lion things dur­ing the day, fore­play can be scup­pered. In­stead make be­ing lov­ing part of your psy­che. In­dulge in af­fec­tion­ate touch­ing, us­ing pet names, gen­er­ally be­ing nice to one an­other with­out mak­ing sex the goal. It’s eas­ier to have mind­blow­ing sex when you are in a happy space to­gether. Think out of the box Try novel naughty things to made sex feel dif­fer­ent. For ex­am­ple, keep your clothes on, which makes your pas­sion, so over­pow­er­ing that you can’t wait to get un­dressed. Role play, act out a porn film, reach out raun­chily while you’re watch­ing a movie to­gether. New­ness stim­u­lates the pro­duc­tion of feel good chem­i­cals in the brain. Make it easy-peasy Keep a locked plea­sure chest at your bed­side burst­ing with lube tubes, fre­quent mas­sage oil, silk scarves a feather duster, face masks, flavoured con­doms, aro­matic can­dles, erotic nov­els. Ask for it Don’t play mind reader. Your part­ner may not want the same things that were turn-ons once upon a time. Stop tele­pathic tac­tics and share present day fan­tasies. Lights off Get down and dirty in the dark, where you can whis­per what you want to do and done to. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about bud­ding pot bel­lies and love han­dles, which can squelch ad­ven­tur­ous­ness. Change po­si­tion Cou­ples set­tle into the tried ‘n’ tested af­ter just a few year to­gether. Get out of the rut. There are a gag­gle of do-able po­si­tions that don’t in­volve ac­ro­bat­ics. Say she likes the girl-on-top po­si­tion. Switch eas­ily to re­verse cow­girl – she sits on top of you, but fac­ing your feet for a gen­tle ride. Any po­si­tion that’s be­come stale, can be tweaked to make it feel new. “Decade”nt sex Dif­fer­ent decades mean dif­fer­ent phases of sex life. Con­cen­trate on build­ing con­fi­dence in your Twen­ties. In your Thir­ties you of­ten face de­ci­sions like hav­ing chil­dren or switch­ing ca­reers – use change as a spring­board to shake up your sex life. Plan a long lust­ful week­end were you pre­tend that you both are strangers hook­ing up for the first time. Be hon­est in your For­ties, and stop fak­ing it. Work out tech­niques that will hit her G Spot. In your Fifties (and ever af­ter) throw cau­tion to the wind. No more worry about preg­nancy or chil­dren burst­ing on you. Whee, you’re free.

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