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It’s time to have some fun. Your goal is to stim­u­late adren­a­line, dopamine, all those hor­mones that give you a high and lead to sex­ual arousal. GET TURNED ON Watch erotic videos to­gether as a warmup, to en­rich love­mak­ing, not un­der­mine it. Give her the re­mote and tell her she can turn it off at any time. GET IN­NO­VA­TIVE. In your night­stand, store a lu­bri­cant that can dou­ble as mas­sage oil, such as K-Y Touch Mas­sage 2-in-1 (, and the book 101Gr­rreat Quick­ies, by Laura Corn. In­struc­tions for each quickie are in a sort of en­ve­lope that must be “un­zipped” – good for shy cou­ples. TRY A SIM­PLE TRICK. Cover her vulva with your hand and ap­ply steady pres­sure to in­crease blood­flow. Ev­ery­thing you do af­ter­ward will feel bet­ter. GO SLOW. Don’t make an ex­pe­di­tion of find­ing her G-spot, and don’t go too far or too fast. In­sert a fin­ger into her vagina no far­ther than your sec­ond knuckle. Wrap your fin­ger around her pelvic bone and then slowly rock your hand un­til she starts to rock with you. Stay shal­low, cre­ate a slow, throb­bing sen­sa­tion, and be gen­tle.

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