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Iwas suf­fer­ing from piles / fis­sures for 3 months and took a lot of medicines from doc­tors and ap­plied creams on the af­fected area. Noth­ing worked. Then I started search­ing the in­ter­net and saw many youtube videos of peo­ple suf­fer­ing from the same prob­lem. Af­ter view­ing some 50 odd videos, I came across one not very popular but use­ful video of some lady (god’s mes­sen­ger to me) who had a more se­ri­ous con­di­tion (of piles). She had found a way out and shared that on the video via ex­pla­na­tion. She ap­plied ice packs on the af­fected area ev­ery hour for 10 mins each to numb the pain. She also ate lots of car­rots (not the juice) ev­ery hour, which helped push out the choked up mat­ter in the exit tube. I was zapped by the re­sults I got from this very nat­u­ral method of treat­ing piles. I have rec­om­mended this so­lu­tion to many fel­low suf­fer­ers and got great feed­back. Of course, when you have such prob­lems, you also have to con­trol your in­take (eat sim­ple food and less quan­tity). I want you to spread the word through your mag­a­zine. You are in one way help­ing the hu­mankind to en­joy life to the fullest.

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