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are likely to tie the knot with in­di­vid­u­als who throw cau­tion to the wind when spend­ing money, of­ten to the detri­ment of the mar­riage. Scott Rick of the Univer­sity of Michigan’s Ross School of Busi­ness and his col­leagues an­a­lyzed sur­veys of more than 1,000 mar­ried and un­mar­ried adults and found that peo­ple tend to choose their spend­ing op­po­sites as ro­man­tic part­ners. The study also showed, how­ever, that the fi­nan­cial op­po­sites had greater con­flicts over money and lower mar­i­tal sat­is­fac­tion in the long run than those whose spend­ing ten­den­cies were sim­i­lar.

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