Stretch Be­fore And Af­ter

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Should I stretch be­fore or af­ter my work­out to help pre­vent mus­cle in­juries and sore­ness? I seem to have con­flict­ing ad­vice on this.

There seem to be a lot of the­o­ries re­gard­ing stretch­ing and some quite con­flict­ing in­for­ma­tion as well! Stretch­ing be­fore and af­ter is ben­e­fi­cial to per­for­mance and re­cov­ery, and preven­tion of in­juries. How­ever, it is the type of stretch­ing dur­ing the dif­fer­ent phases that is im­por­tant to note and in­cor­po­rate. Dur­ing the warm-up phase, you need to per­form dy­namic stretches and post work­out, you need to do more static and pas­sive stretches. That said, pre and post work­out, foam rolling to as­sist in my­ofas­cial release, is proven to be very ef­fec­tive in elic­it­ing bet­ter per­for­mances and re­cov­ery, and re­duc­tion in post ex­er­cise sore­ness.

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