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I am 40 years, and have re­cently moved from Ban­ga­lore to Mum­bai. In Ban­ga­lore, I par­tic­i­pated in a marathon as and when it hap­pened. But I am par­tic­i­pat­ing in a big­ger marathon like the Mum­bai one for the first time. How can I pre­pare my­self? You have men­tioned that you par­tic­i­pated in the Ban­ga­lore marathon but not a big­ger one like Mum­bai. That means you have done a few half marathons. In­crease your weekly mileage by 10% in your long runs. Your short runs can be done at a faster speed, and also in­clude a mid­dle dis­tance run as well. Your to­tal weekly mileage should keep in­creas­ing grad­u­ally. When you can do a 35-38 km long run with­out too much ef­fort, you know you can go the dis­tance. In­clude some strength train­ing, most par­tic­u­larly core train­ing, into your reg­i­men as well. In­clude suf­fi­cient rest in be­tween long and mid­dle dis­tance runs to al­low for re­cov­ery. Deep tis­sue mas­sage and foam rolling to loosen the fas­cia, and stretch­ing to ease out the mus­cles, is as im­por­tant as the run­ning it­self. Since Mum­bai is more hu­mid than Ban­ga­lore, hy­dra­tion is very im­por­tant. Stay ad­e­quately hy­drated days be­fore and dur­ing the marathon. Good nu­tri­tion and ad­e­quate carbs a week be­fore the marathon will help you fin­ish the race well. A sports drink be­fore, dur­ing and af­ter will be es­sen­tial dur­ing th­ese kinds of runs.

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