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Dr Ban­dita Sinha, con­sul­tant gy­nae­col­o­gist and ob­stet­rics, For­tis Hos­pi­tal and Apollo Clinic, Navi Mum­bai, sug­gests diet tips to man­age painful men­strual cramps.

STRICT NO-NO: Foods con­tain­ing caf­feine – choco­late, caf­feinated soda, tea and coffee. Fatty, spicy and fried foods. Salty and sour foods con­tain­ing high amounts of sodium – pickle, canned food, chips, snacks, salted pop­corn and food made with sauces. Sug­ary foods like candy. Dairy prod­ucts like milk, cheese, but­ter­milk and yo­ghurt. Red meat. Avoid tak­ing painkillers.

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