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Asthma is a con­di­tion marked by health dis­par­i­ties, with cer­tain groups ex­pe­ri­enc­ing higher preva­lence and worse health out­comes than oth­ers. For ex­am­ple, asthma can be par­tic­u­larly de­bil­i­tat­ing among women aged 65 and above be­cause of co-ex­ist­ing health con­di­tions. In fact, women in that age group are four times as likely as asthma suf­fer­ers in other age groups to die of asthma, ac­cord­ing to a re­view pub­lished in ‘An­nals of Al­lergy, Asthma & Im­munol­ogy’. And the con­di­tion is more com­mon in older women than in older men. Sev­eral fac­tors, some unique to women, con­trib­ute to asthma out­comes, say the re­searchers, who sought to iden­tify fac­tors that may con­trib­ute to the un­equal bur­den of asthma among older women. For in­stance, menopause may ex­ac­er­bate pre-ex­ist­ing asthma, sug­gest­ing that pre­menopausal hor­mones of­fer a pro­tec­tive ef­fect or that

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