Sexy Butt?

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Yoga can get your rear in gear.

Ever no­tice how yo­gis have such powerful, lithe lower bod­ies? That’s be­cause so many of those age-old med­i­ta­tive poses re­quire not just strong breath work but ac­tive mus­cles in the but­tocks, hips and thighs. Chair Pose and War­rior III are two asanas that work won­der­fully. Daily prac­tice will help you de­velop strong, sexy but­tocks, and boost your seren­ity and bal­ance.

AWith your knees and feet to­gether, squat down sev­eral inches, like you’re about to sit in a chair. Raise your arms over­head, palms fac­ing each other.

BWhile in Chair PosePose, raise your right knee un­til your foot is about 12 inches off the floor, and hold for three full breaths. Lower your leg and stand back up. Re­peat with your left leg. Do two reps with each leg.

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