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how the body re­sponds to ex­er­cise, food and rest, to get the right ap­proach to­wards achiev­ing my fitness goals. The prin­ci­ples men­tioned in the books have been my guid­ing forces. “An­other trig­ger was when I ac­ci­dently signed up for the Stan­dard Char­tered Mum­bai Marathon in Jan­uary 2015. I ob­served how many run­ners, years se­nior to me, were much stronger and faster than me. I also re­alised how those who are phys­i­cally fit, are al­ways so con­fi­dent about them­selves. This en­cour­aged me to take up per­sonal fitness se­ri­ously.” “Be­ing an en­gi­neer and an MBA grad­u­ate, I get great joy in tack­ling sim­ple prob­lems by com­pli­cat­ing it with num­ber crunch­ing anal­y­sis. So I did a Body Fat Per­cent­age Anal­y­sis and found that I had 25% fat in my body, which had to be re­duced to 15%. “My goals were to im­prove my body com­po­si­tion, re­duce my body fat lev­els, build more mus­cle and lead an ac­tive life­style. On 1st Jan­uary, 2015, I weighed 79 kgs, and by 31st Au­gust, 2016, my weight had re­duced to 61 kgs. I lost 18 kgs in eight months!”

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