Flex­i­bil­ity Ex­er­cises for Your Hands

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These sim­ple range-of-mo­tion ex­er­cises are of­ten pre­scribed by phys­i­cal, oc­cu­pa­tional, or hand ther­a­pists for peo­ple with hand OA (os­teoarthri­tis). How­ever, if you have hand pain, con­sult a physi­cian or phys­i­cal ther­a­pist be­fore try­ing them.

THUMB OP­PO­SI­TION: Gently touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your fore­fin­ger, mak­ing an ‘O’ shape. Re­peat 10 times. Do the same mo­tion with each fin­ger, do­ing 10 reps. FIN­GER EX­TEN­SION: Place your palm flat on a ta­ble. Then raise and lower each fin­ger one by one. Re­peat 10 times.

TEN­DON GLIDE: Af­ter warm­ing up with the first two ex­er­cises, do these mo­tions. A) Start with your hand pointed straight up, fin­gers to­gether. B) Bend your fin­gers at the knuckle, point­ing them Hold for 5 sec­onds. D) Finally, gently bend all your fin­ger joints, grad­u­ally draw­ing them into a fist. Hold for 5 sec­onds. Re­peat the series 10 times with each hand.

HAND MAS­SAGE: Try daily hand mas­sages to ease stiff­ness and stim­u­late blood flow. You need only two min­utes per hand. Gently knead each hand with the other hand, mas­sag­ing each fin­ger; then the palm and then the back of the hand.

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