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Stand with your left leg in front of your right, feet hip-width apart. Shift most of your weight on to the front leg with­out push­ing weight into your knee. Bend the right knee while tilt­ing your pelvis for­ward. You should feel a stretch in the front of the right hip. Hold for 20 sec­onds. Do three rep­e­ti­tions, then re­peat on the other side. Stand with a good pos­ture on your left leg, your right knee bent and sup­ported on a chair. Tighten your but­tock mus­cle while straight­en­ing your hips and hold­ing them gen­tly in place, for 20 sec­onds. Re­lease, then tighten your stom­ach mus­cles while straight­en­ing your hips; hold for 20 sec­onds. Do three rep­e­ti­tions of both ex­er­cises, tak­ing care not to let your back arch. Re­peat on the other side.

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