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It is dif­fi­cult to stay away from the aisles of pro­cessed food in su­per­mar­ket. But what ex­actly com­prises pro­cessed foods? Canned or dried food, break­fast ce­re­als, ready-to-eat meals, pick­les, jams, jel­lies, bot­tled juices, sauces, frozen food and so on, all com­prise pro­cessed foods. They are loaded with chem­i­cal and nat­u­ral preser­va­tives such as sugar, salts and tran fats to en­hance taste as well as its shelf life, says Kan­chan Patwardhan, clin­i­cal nu­tri­tion­ist con­sul­tant, Kan­chan’s House of Health & Nu­tri­tion & Ar­o­gya Hos­pi­tal, Thane.

THE DOWNSIDES Pro­cessed foods con­tain a lot of trans fats, which make them crispy. Trans fats in­crease LDL choles­terol (as­so­ci­ated with an in­creased risk of heart dis­ease) and de­crease HDL choles­terol, the ‘pro­tec­tive’ choles­terol. Pro­cessed foods con­tain lots of hid­den salts and sugar which not only in­crease your blood pres­sure and sugar lev­els but also ad­versely af­fect your kid­neys. It also con­tains a lot of preser­va­tives and pes­ti­cides which may be one of the rea­sons for the deadly cancer. AISH­WARYA P VAIDYA

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