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My hus­band snores loudly and a friend has told us it’s bad for the heart. Is this true? Gauri Ka­mat, Ban­ga­lore

Yes, loud snor­ing is a sign of a con­di­tion called ob­struc­tive sleep ap­nea - which is a ma­jor risk fac­tor for heart dis­ease. Snor­ing oc­curs due to se­vere nar­row­ing of the up­per air pas­sage dur­ing sleep and this also re­duces the amount of oxy­gen sup­ply to the body. This causes a lot of stress on the heart mak­ing the heart pump hard and fast dur­ing th­ese episodes at night. There is a high risk of blood pres­sure, heart at­tack, ir­reg­u­lar heart beat (atrial fib­ril­la­tion) and stroke if this is not di­ag­nosed and ad­e­quately treated.

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