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An en­gi­neer by pro­fes­sion, Shweta Rathore de­cided to give it all up to fol­low her heart’s de­cree – of be­com­ing a body­builder. Today, Shweta has many medals to her credit in world body­build­ing cham­pi­onships.

FIT NOTE: Shweta work outs six days a week - does ex­ten­sive hard-core weight train­ing for three days and out­door train­ing such as run­ning, stretch­ing and kick­box­ing the other three days. She con­sumes a high-pro­tein diet - egg whites, chicken, fish and soya; and also nat­u­ral car­bo­hy­drates – with brown op­tions of oats and multi­grain cha­p­atis.

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