Happy Re­la­tion­ship

Su­per singer Shaan and his at­trac­tive wife Rad­hika Mukherji (founder and CEO of Hap­py­demic) share with us their jour­ney from strangers to lovers to a cou­ple and to par­ents…

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Shaan and Rad­hika re­veal their happy mar­riage se­crets

Tell us some­thing about how and when did you two meet? Shaan: We met in 1996 in a club. She had just turned 18. Radika: The DJ played the ‘Mys­te­ri­ous Girl’ song. Shaan was stand­ing be­sides the DJ and hi-fived him. I thought he ded­i­cated the song to me. Af­ter that, we bumped into each other many times. And I told him not to stalk me. Shaan: But we be­came friends and af­ter about two-and-a-half months. we started dat­ing. Rad­hika was an airhost­ess with Swiss Air then. I had just started out, and had recorded a remix song ‘Parda hai parda’ and had long hair. I re­mem­ber her grand­mother say­ing, ‘ Dekho ka­lyug aa gaya hai. Ladke lambe baal rakh rahe hai (See, how boys are grow­ing their hair)’. Rad­hika had short hair then.

What at­tracted you both to each other? Shaan: Ini­tially, I was ap­pre­hen­sive about the six-year age dif­fer­ence be­tween us. I thought she would be im­ma­ture. But what I liked about her was that she never did any nakhras. And I en­joyed pam­per­ing her. Rad­hika: I never put any pres­sure on him for flow­ers or cards or gifts. I don’t like that kind of ro­mance. Shaan pushes me be­yond my com­fort zone. He gave me the com­bi­na­tion of hap­pi­ness, mo­ti­va­tion and re­spect. That at­tracted me. You can date some­one be­cause he’s good look­ing, says the right things, is funny and dresses well. Even­tu­ally, th­ese things take a back­seat. What mat­ters is love, fidelity and the re­spect the per­son gives you.

What was your first date like? Rad­hika: Dis­as­ter! Ha­haha! In 1996, I was taken to a restau­rant

and told, ‘You have a bud­get of ` 300. When we reached there, he opened the menu card and or­dered a chicken stroganoff, which costed ` 250. I was won­der­ing what to eat in ` 50! I paid the bill; it came to ` 500.

How did it trans­late into mar­riage? Shaan: It was a big thing for a girl from a busi­ness fam­ily to marry a guy jiska koi thikana nahi. Rad­hika’s par­ents told her, ‘If you are se­ri­ous and be­lieve in him, and think he is tal­ented enough to make it, we are with you’. She be­lieved in me. Rad­hika: He told me if we fin­ish four years, then we will get mar­ried. We fin­ished four years and on 16th Septem­ber, 2000, he said, ‘Let’s get mar­ried’. On 21st Septem­ber, we landed up in the court and got mar­ried.

How did life change af­ter mar­riage? Rad­hika: Ini­tially, we fought, but all that im­me­di­ately stopped. I was look­ing for se­cu­rity; to proudly say that I am Mrs Rad­hika Shan­tanu Mukherji. We are truly each other’s soul­mates. Ad­just­ing with Shaan’s fam­ily was easy. Shaan: We bought a new house, and my mother ac­com­pa­nied us too. Rad­hika: Hon­estly, my mother-in-law is mom to me. She never asks me where I am go­ing, what I am do­ing or wear­ing. We have a fan­tas­tic con­nec­tion; I can go on a va­ca­tion with my mom-in­law and not get bored. Shaan: My mom had a tough life in terms of rais­ing two chil­dren without a fa­ther. She re­al­ized that Rad­hika can take on the re­spon­si­bil­ity of the whole house and not just me.

And af­ter par­ent­hood? Rad­hika: So­ham was born on 24th June, 2002, and Shubh on 18th May, 2005. A child changes your per­spec­tive about life. When I was in labour, Shaan told me, ‘We need to re­mem­ber that we will first be a cou­ple and then par­ents’. Shaan: Once you be­come par­ents, the kids be­come pri­or­ity. Then, the only con­nec­tion is that you are par­ents. The chem­istry and the love dies which shouldn’t hap­pen. Rad­hika: I am a he­li­copter mom. I walk around them all the time, and they make he­li­copter sounds. My sons are in­clined to­wards mu­sic. So­ham and Shubh sang ‘Bum pe laat’ from the Ajay Devgn­star­rer ‘Him­mat­wala’. Shubh has also sung for Yash Raj Films. So­ham plays the piano beautifully and also has a sharp ear. Shaan: The older one is into elec­tronic mu­sic, while the younger wants to sing Hindi filmi songs like me.

Your par­ent­ing mantras… Rad­hika: Stalk your

“When I was in labour, Shaan told me, ‘We need to re­mem­ber that we will first be a cou­ple and then par­ents’.” - Rad­hika

chil­dren, haha! Ac­tu­ally, we don’t have a mantra. I don’t put un­nec­es­sary pres­sure on the kids. Now that they are older and I have started work­ing and us­ing my skills, they have tremen­dous re­spect for me not only as a mom but also as a work­ing woman. Shaan is a pro­tec­tive fa­ther. He takes time out for the kids from his busy sched­ule. Shaan: I sit with them, watch them play video games, help with their home­work, and I en­joy story telling. We dis­cuss GK, cur­rent af­fairs and have a great bond.

When you get an­gry, how does he/ she per­suade you? Rad­hika: I give him the silent treat­ment, and I am a champ at it. He is log­i­cally sound. He says, ‘ Galti meri hi hogi’ (must be my fault)’. Shaan: I sing, ‘Gum­sum ho kyun’, and she sends a mes­sage say­ing ‘I am an­gry’. But I still don’t know what has hap­pened. How do you man­age to spend qual­ity time and strike the work-life bal­ance? Shaan: Rad­hika has cre­ated a sys­tem in the house. We have peo­ple who take care of the kids, and they are only an­swer­able to Rad­hika. I have also set up a stu­dio at home. Rad­hika: Some­times, work needs you; some­times, your child needs you. So the scales move up and down. But one of us is al­ways there to take care of them. Hon­estly, I have given a lot of my­self to hap­py­demic this year. Hap­py­demic is a world class ef­fort of love and pas­sion (both on­line and off­line) to bring live per­for­mances to your doorstep at an af­ford­able price. It is a com­pany started by Amar Pandit, my fi­nan­cial ad­vi­sor and Manag­ing Di­rec­tor, Hap­pi­ness Fac­tory, and me. We are live en­ter­tain­ment spe­cial­ists and cater to all gen­res of mu­sic. The artistes on our plat­form are ex­tremely tal­ented – most of them are con­tes­tants, fi­nal­ists and win­ners of re­al­ity shows. We have 600 plus artistes on board and have done more than 365 shows. Hap­py­demic means an epi­demic of hap­pi­ness – a name given by Shaan.

Happy mar­riage mantras… Shana: I am very lucky to have her. And yes, there is no shame in ad­mit­ting that your wife is right be­cause she gen­er­ally is. If you are to­gether and yet give each other space and find com­mon in­ter­ests, then noth­ing like it. Rad­hika: Be each other’s strength and not weak­ness. We have been to­gether since 21 years now. He treats me the same way he treats his mother and sis­ter, and is the per­fect fa­ther. It’s im­por­tant to first be the man you are to ex­pect a woman to be the woman she is. AISH­WARYA P VAIDYA

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