Hour­glass body

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Min­i­mize full­ness on the up­per and lower body. Em­pha­size shoul­der and neck area. Lead at­ten­tion up­wards to­wards the face. Fill out waist slightly.

GO FOR Western: Semi-fit­ted clothes in soft, clingy and flow­ing fab­rics. Dresses with de­fined waist­lines. Straight and gently flared pants. In­dian: Medium-weight fab­rics ( churi­dars) that are soft in tex­ture. Sari that is free flow­ing and in pli­able fab­ric. Medium to low neck­line blouse.

AVOID Firm, bulky fab­rics as they will hide the curves. Very loose tops and kur­tas. Very high neck­lines (un­less you have a small bust). Skirts with open pleats. Ta­pered pants. Too tight or too loose sal­war suits.

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