Heal Thy­self

Nip pain in the bud, and strengthen your body, with yoga.

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Yoga to re­lieve pain

Pain is a sign by way of which our body in­forms us of de­gen­er­a­tion. Hi­ral Shah, Well­ness Coach and Founder, Well­ness So­lu­tions, Mum­bai, shows you how to say bye-bye to pain by pre­scrib­ing one-minute asanas for spe­cific body parts, and strength­en­ing them as well. Start with the nasal asana and fol­low with the rest...

Nasal cleans­ing prac­tise

For easy and im­proved breath­ing Take any com­fort­able sit­ting po­si­tion – on ground or chair. Make sure that the spine is erect. A two-hour food gap is com­pul­sory be­fore prac­tis­ing nasal cleans­ing. Make a fist with your right palm with the thumb clos­ing the right nos­tril. Keep mouth closed, spine erect and chest lifted up. Ex­hale con­tin­u­ously for 25 counts (1 count for 1 sec­ond). Fol­low with clos­ing the left nos­tril, and do the same.

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