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T“Faith is the strength by which a shat­tered world shall emerge into light.” – He­len Keller

he world knows Mickey Me­hta as a fit­ness ex­pert and a holis­tic health guru. But how many know that he started out as a door-to-door masseur? Or that he ‘healed’ his own mother of mul­ti­ple or­gan cancer when doc­tors gave up on her? ‘Fit & Fa­mous’ un­rav­els un­known and ‘mirac­u­lous’ facets of Me­hta’s life… They’re star­tling, awe-in­spir­ing and drive you to be­lieve that noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble with­out con­vic­tion and faith… An­other per­son who be­lieves that faith can move moun­tains is in­dus­tri­al­ist Dr Aneel Mu­rarka. A near-death road ac­ci­dent left him with badly bro­ken ribs and frac­tures. So crit­i­cal was he that he was al­most on his way to be­ing put on ven­ti­la­tor. But that was ex­actly when Dr Mu­rarka’s big fight be­gan. ‘A Slice Of Life’ is a riv­et­ing tale of strength, courage and pos­i­tiv­ity. Pos­i­tiv­ity… A state of feel­ing good and be­ing op­ti­mistic. But what hap­pens when pos­i­tiv­ity lev­els start de­creas­ing? De­pres­sion starts set­ting in. And what hap­pens when it strikes men? Most go un­re­ported. ‘His Health’ delves deep into why men think it’s a sign of weak­ness to rec­og­nize the ‘d’ word, and of­fers solutions to stop it from be­com­ing an­other silent killer… …The num­ber one be­ing heart dis­ease. On the occasion of World Heart Day, this month, we’ve put to­gether a ‘Heart Spe­cial’ on how you can make a healthy heart your goal, and work to­wards achiev­ing it. Read to arm your­self with some heart-health wis­dom. And don’t for­get to eat mod­er­ate, walk more, stress less, be happy and have grat­i­tude – th­ese are sure-fire ways to live hearty and healthy! Also, in this issue, we de­con­struct trend­ing health fads like the blood group diet and mud ther­apy; throw light on grow­ing sexual dis­eases; tackle de­men­tia – a rag­ing med­i­cal con­cern to­day; and up­date you as al­ways on the lat­est med­i­cal, fit­ness and nu­tri­tion news… I sign off, wel­com­ing Septem­ber, the start of fes­tiv­i­ties, with a wish for all to stay blessed, al­ways!

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