Pop­ping your knuck­les?

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It can make peo­ple around you cringe, but crack­ing your knuck­les may not be bad for you af­ter all. Re­searchers used an MRI video to see ex­actly what hap­pens when you pop your knuck­les. It turns out that pulling the joints apart draws gas into the space. The gas ex­pands and mixes with the syn­ovial fluid, which lu­bri­cates your joints, un­til it builds up so much that it pops, cre­at­ing the ‘crack’ sound. (All this hap­pens in mil­lisec­onds.) Rather than be­ing harm­ful, the study au­thors sus­pect, the abil­ity to pop your knuck­les may ac­tu­ally be re­lated to joint health. Tell that to the next friend who gives you a hard time.

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