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Our abil­ity to per­form many phys­i­cal ac­tiv­i­ties de­pends on strong core mus­cles. See be­low for ex­er­cises that tar­get the ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal ab­dom­i­nal oblique mus­cles.

1 SIDE SLIDES Stand tall, with your feet hip-width apart on the floor. Hold a small dumbbell (1.5-3 pounds) in each hand. Slide the weight straight down the out­side of your right leg, keep­ing your chest lifted; don’t cave in or let your up­per body lean for­ward or back. When you feel a stretch on the left side, hold for a sec­ond or two, then re­turn to thee start po­si­tion. Re­peat 10-15 times, then re­peat on the left side. Do two too three sets of 10-15 rep­e­ti­tions on each side.

2 BI­CY­CLE CRUNCHES Lie flat on the floor with your knees bent. Lace your hands be­hind your head. Bring your knees in to­ward your chest and lift your shoul­der blades off the floor with­out pulling on your neck. Straighten the left leg out while si­mul­ta­ne­ously turn­ing the up­per body to the right, bring­ing the left el­bow to­ward the right knee. Switch sides, bring­ing the right el­bow to­ward the left knee as the right leg straight­ens. Con­tinue al­ter­nat­ing sides in a ped­al­ing mo­tion for two to three sets of 12-16 rep­e­ti­tions. The ex­er­cise is more chal­leng­ing when the legs are closer to the floor.

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