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Make the pa­tient keep a diary to note down any­thing he/ she wants. Keep an iden­tity card in the pa­tient’s pocket, in case they lose their way out­side. Make ev­ery­thing very sim­ple for them. Set a rou­tine to help him/ her fol­low a list of daily ac­tiv­i­ties. Make ev­ery­thing min­i­mal­is­tic, and do not change the sur­round­ings or the fur­ni­ture. Keep their mind oc­cu­pied. The mind is like a ma­chine, if not used, dust will set­tle on it. Do­ing mind ac­tiv­i­ties clears the dust. A pa­tient may for­get things, or re­peat a ques­tion 20 times, which makes it dif­fi­cult for the care­giver. Try to treat them like a child, and keep them busy to avoid this be­havioural pat­tern. Don’t ar­gue or debate with or take per­sonal of­fence to what the pa­tient says.

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