5 Habits that fos­ter weight loss

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Pay­ing at­ten­tion to your eat­ing habits and other life­style rou­tines can help nudge down the num­ber on the scale.


Make time to pre­pare healthy meals. Home-cooked food tends to be far lower in calo­ries, fat, salt, and sugar than restau­rant food and most pro­cessed food. But it takes time and ef­fort to choose recipes, go to the store, and cook.


Eat slowly. The next time you sit down for a meal, set a timer (maybe the one on your kitchen stove or smart­phone) for 20 min­utes. That’s about how long it takes the ‘I’m full’ mes­sage sent by the gut hor­mones and stretch re­cep­tors in your stom­ach to reach your brain.


Con­sume evenly-sized meals, be­gin­ning with break­fast. Most peo­ple tend to eat a small break­fast (or none at all), a medium-sized lunch, and large din­ner. But you may be bet­ter off spread­ing your calo­ries out more evenly through­out the day. For one thing, a small or non-ex­is­tent break­fast can leave you rav­en­ous by lunchtime, which may lead you to overeat.


Don’t skimp on sleep. When you burn the mid­night oil, you’re prob­a­bly not also burn­ing calo­ries, but in­stead con­sum­ing too many. Many stud­ies have linked shorter sleep du­ra­tion with a higher risk of be­ing over­weight or obese.


Weigh your­self of­ten. If you don’t already have one, get a dig­i­tal scale. Hang a calendar and pen above it, right at eye level, as a re­minder to record your weight ev­ery day. Do­ing so only takes a few sec­onds and will keep you head­ing in the right di­rec­tion.

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