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Ihave a ten­dency to get a sty in my eye very of­ten. What is the best treat­ment for it? Ra­mani Nayak, Mumbai

A sty is es­sen­tially an in­fec­tion of the small mei­bo­mian glands at the edge of the lid which open at the side of the lashes’ mar­gin. The line of treat­ment to pre­vent re­cur­rent styes is to keep the eyes clean. Wash the eyes with warm wa­ter and soap at night, re­move eye makeup com­pletely and if you have been in ar­eas where there has been a lot of con­tam­i­na­tion, please do ap­ply a lit­tle an­tibi­otic on the lashes which will pre­vent prob­lems. Usu­ally, Mox­i­floxacin eye oint­ment works well and needs to be rubbed hor­i­zon­tally on the lashes when re­quired. How­ever, even an al­lergy or an in­cor­rect spec­ta­cle num­ber could be the cause of a sty. So have your eyes eval­u­ated by an oph­thalmic sur­geon.

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