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Un­stick your­self by al­ter­nat­ing the two meth­ods that add mus­cle and strength.

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Work­outs to build mus­cles

How many guys do you know go to the gym reg­u­larly but still make no progress? They get to a cer­tain level and stay there. For­ever. As hard as it is to ad­mit it, maybe you’re one of them. The prob­lem is usu­ally be­cause the same things that worked when you were a be­gin­ner don’t work any­more – you can’t just add weight to the bar ev­ery week. The so­lu­tion is to al­ter­nate heavy lift­ing with weeks when you use lighter loads for more reps. Fol­low our plan for five to 10 weeks and start break­ing bar­ri­ers again.

HOW IT WORKS Lighter loads and more vol­ume (sets x reps x load) pro­vide a hard work­out without be­ing too stress­ful, and they help you re­cover af­ter weeks of high in­tense train­ing (low-rep sets with heavy weights). So you’re get­ting the best of both worlds in this pro­gramme – big pumps one week and big weights the next. On vol­ume weeks, the weights will feel easy, since you’re com­ing off a week of heavy train­ing. On in­ten­sity weeks, you’ll feel strong and fo­cused be­cause you’ll have to work up to only one or two hard sets. This back-and-forth un­du­la­tion not only keeps your mus­cles guess­ing and pre­vents over­train­ing, it also pro­vides a men­tal break and makes train­ing more fun. DI­REC­TIONS Fre­quency: Per­form each work­out (Day 1, 2, and 3) once per week. Time needed: 45 min­utes. How to do it: Per­form the ex­er­cise pairs (marked ‘a’ and ‘b’) as al­ter­nat­ing sets. Com­plete one set of a, rest, then one set of b, rest again, and re­peat un­til all sets are com­plete. Do the re­main­ing ex­er­cises as straight sets.

THE BENCH PRESS and dead­lift are the two main lifts you’re work­ing to get stronger on. You need to cal­cu­late the loads you’ll use for each. First, find or es­ti­mate your one-rep max (the most weight you can lift for one rep). From here, you can es­ti­mate how much weight you can use for any num­ber of reps. For ex­am­ple, dur­ing the vol­ume weeks (Weeks 1 and 3), you’ll do sets of eight reps. You need to find a) the load that gives you eight reps as based on your one-rep max and b) the load that’s the cor­rect per­cent­age of that eight-rep max (you’ll use a dif­fer­ent per­cent­age each week). See ‘Find Your Num­ber’ to figure out ap­prox­i­mately how many reps a cer­tain per­cent­age yields. The in­ten­sity weeks are sim­pler. You’ll use per­cent­ages of your one-rep max.

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