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There are a lot of small pits and pim­ples on my face. How can I get rid of them?

K Madhu, Hyderabad

Small pits and pim­ples are sug­ges­tive of mod­er­ate acne. Top­i­cal ther­apy is the pre­ferred choice. Top­i­cal an­tibi­otics like ery­thromycin and clin­damycin can be used to re­duce the acne-pro­duc­ing bac­te­ria and the in­flam­ma­tion caused by them. They are of­ten used in com­bi­na­tion with ben­zoyl per­ox­ide to re­duce the emer­gence of re­sis­tance to the an­tibi­otics. The small pits on the face are known as ice pick scars which are the com­mon­est types of scars seen in acne. The treat­ment of the scars de­pends largely on the type of scars. You can use a top­i­cal retinoid cream or treat it sur­gi­cally by punch ex­ci­sion. Fur­ther, your doc­tor may choose pro­ce­dures like cryother­apy, chem­i­cal peels, mi­cro­der­mabra­sion or a laser.

Dr Rui Fer­nan­dez, Der­ma­tol­o­gist

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