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Some of the def­i­nite must-haves for a healthy preg­nancy are pro­teins. They are es­sen­tial for the healthy growth of the foe­tus and to main­tain the mother’s health. Pro­teins form the build­ing blocks for blood, bones, or­gans, mus­cles and tis­sues. In­ad­e­quate pro­tein in­take can lead to se­vere mal­nour­ish­ment. Your daily diet should have an ad­di­tional 0.5 gms of pro­teins in the first trimester, 6.9 gms in the sec­ond and 22.7 gms in the third trimester. So you need about 78 gms of pro­teins in the third trimester.

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