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Win­ter and a plate­ful of guava with chaat masala on it go hand-in-hand. Be­sides its amaz­ing flavour and fra­grance, guava is also known to have loads of health ben­e­fits. Read on to know more about this su­per health fruit… Ac­cord­ing to Neha Patha­nia, se­nior di­eti­cian, Paras Hos­pi­tals, Gur­gaon, guava is a su­per fruit, rich in di­etary fi­bre, vi­ta­mins A and C, folic acid and di­etary min­er­als like potas­sium, cop­per and man­ganese. The fruit is known to have four times the amount of vi­ta­min C in or­ange, and is very low in calo­ries.


It con­trols blood sugar. Low­ers bad choles­terol. Re­duces di­ar­rhoea. Im­proves im­mu­nity. Re­duces the risk of can­cer. Strength­ens gums and avoids tooth de­cay. Treats vom­it­ing. Im­proves eye sight.


Guava is known to have ly­copene, a can­cer-fight­ing an­tiox­i­dant, which helps treat and com­bat prostate and breast can­cers. Guava pulp also helps pre­vent the for­ma­tion of can­cer­ous tu­mours. Other nu­tri­ents in it such as vi­ta­mins A and C, flavonoids, beta-carotene and lutein help fight free rad­i­cal cells which en­cour­age the growth of can­cer cells. Be­ing rich in fi­bre, guava aids in pro­tect­ing the colon mu­cous which pre­vents tox­ins and can­cer-caus­ing cells.


Guava con­tains high amount of fi­bre and is hy­po­gly­caemic in na­ture which helps con­trol choles­terol and blood pres­sure.


The fi­bre and roughage present in guava helps treat piles and haem­or­rhoids. Guava seeds are pow­er­ful lax­a­tives that help treat chronic con­sti­pa­tion and in cleans­ing of the di­ges­tive sys­tem. Since guava clears the in­tes­tine, it is also an ef­fec­tive rem­edy for in­testi­nal lazi­ness.


Low gly­caemic in­dex food and foods rich in di­etary fi­bre help in con­trol­ling the amount of glucose se­creted in the body. Guava fits the bill, and helps con­trol sugar level.


The as­trin­gent con­tents of guava and its leaves are used as a rem­edy for tooth pain, swollen gums and ul­cers.


Vi­ta­mins B and C in guava nour­ish the roots of the hair and make them stronger. Wash­ing hair with wa­ter steeped in guava leaves, is ef­fec­tive for hair loss.


Us­ing guava leaves and fruit pulp as a scrub is very ben­e­fi­cial as it con­tains an­tiox­i­dants that help pro­tect the skin from sun dam­age.

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