Rat­ing Yourself?

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When sel­f­rat­ing leads to par­a­lyz­ing shame or ex­ces­sive pride, you can take some sim­ple steps to ex­tri­cate yourself from the emo­tional quag­mire. Ask yourself whether you re­ally be­come a fool­ish per­son if you act fool­ishly. Ex­per­i­ment­ing with new ac­tiv­i­ties with new peo­ple is lib­er­at­ing and usu­ally well worth the risk. As­sert your right to look fool­ish. You’ll find that your con­fi­dence grows. Ac­cept your fail­ings. Even if you have acted stupidly in the past, de­ter­mine to do bet­ter next time. Rate your traits and be­hav­iours crit­i­cally if they war­rant it, but refuse to rate your entire self. Do some­thing so­cially ‘shame­ful’ to show yourself that noth­ing ter­ri­ble hap­pens.

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