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Pump up your body, but don’t plateau af­ter that. Fol­low our work­out plan to stay ripped, for­ever!

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Work­outs for a ripped body


Fre­quency: Per­form three work­outs per week, rest­ing at least a day be­tween each ses­sion. So you’ll do Work­outs A, B, and C the first week, and then pick up the next week with Work­out D (fol­lowed by A and B). Con­tinue the cy­cle for five weeks, or un­til you’ve com­pleted each work­out four times. No­tice that the last time you do Work­out D will carry over to a sixth week (if you keep to the three-work­outs-per-week cy­cle). You can per­form it on Week 6, or, if you’d rather have that entire week to be­gin a new phase in your train­ing, you can add the squat (Work­out D’s main lift) to your last Work­out C. Simply per­form the squat right af­ter your deadlift in Work­out C. In other words, com­bine Work­outs C and D so that the train­ing pe­riod ends in your last work­out of Week 5.

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