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Lowdown on how to binge healthy

One of the most com­mon trends with work­ing women nowa­days is un­healthy bing­ing on food like chips, crack­ers, bis­cuits, and nam­keens. These not only con­trib­ute in increasing your belly fat but make you lazy and low on en­ergy. There­fore, it is ex­tremely cru­cial to binge on eat­a­bles that not just keep you hy­drated but help lower fat lev­els and are easy on the stom­ach too. This Women’s Day, Dr Ka­jal Pandya Yeptho, Head, De­part­ment of Di­etet­ics at Medanta, The Medic­ity, Gu­ru­gram, shares her trade se­crets on su­per­foods that work­ing women should binge on dur­ing of­fice hours to main­tain a healthy lifestyle.


Baked pota­toes - Baked pota­toes are an ex­cel­lent source of potas­sium, which can help beat bloat. Since they’ve got fill­ing fi­bre, they also help you stay fuller, longer.


Seeds - Min­eral-packed seeds, es­pe­cially flax, sun­flower and pump­kin, pro­vide lots of im­mune-boost­ing zinc and se­ri­ously fill you up. The hearty combo of plant-based pro­tein and fi­bre takes care of those tem­po­rary hunger pangs.


Oats - Pro­bi­otics in­tro­duce use­ful bac­te­ria to the di­ges­tive sys­tem. The pro­bi­otics in oats feed the good bac­te­ria al­ready living there, help­ing it pro­lif­er­ate. Oats have high fi­bre and slow-burn prop­er­ties, which will keep you sa­ti­ated for longer.


Berries - Berries are packed with polyphe­nol an­tiox­i­dants that help in burn­ing fat and boost work­out ben­e­fits by im­prov­ing blood flow to the mus­cles. For those who have im­me­di­ate sweet crav­ings af­ter meals, berries rank favourably high on the list but are still a pow­er­ful way to curb crav­ings.


Dry fruits - Dry fruits and nuts are one of the health­i­est snacks avail­able. Nuts are pro­tein boost­ers but should be eaten in mod­er­a­tion. Mix bran flakes with nuts like al­monds, wal­nuts, raisins, dry berries for a healthy snack.


Sprouts - They’re rich in pro­tein and fi­bre and low in calo­ries. One can use chana, moong or Ben­gal gram sprouts.


Roasted peanuts - A hand­ful of peanuts can pro­vide you with the re­quired amount of pro­teins and min­er­als and will keep you full.


Fruits - A sin­gle serv­ing of any fruit is a healthy snack­ing por­tion for one per­son. It is a fill­ing snack and high on fi­bre and vi­ta­mins. Eat fruits like ba­nanas, ap­ples, or­anges, peaches, grapes, and any other fruit which do not re­quire peel­ing and cut­ting.


Yo­ghurt - Is avail­able in a va­ri­ety of flavours. It fills up the stom­ach with good bac­te­ria and is high in cal­cium and mag­ne­sium.


Roasted chana - And pop­corn are also fat free and low-calo­rie snacks op­tions for of­fice.

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